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Become a leader in this buyer-empowered world. Our successfully built courses will enable you to do so. We help you form the entrepreneurial mindset needed to stay ahead in this technologically-driven and constantly changing business world. Adventure Marketing is here to inspire you, get your creativity juices flowing and drive your business towards success. We teach you the importance of creating a customer-centric based company that takes pride in the creation and strengthening of customer relationships. Adventure Marketing gives you the tools you need to create an engaging and unforgettable experience for potential customers. Choose success, choose Adventure Marketing.

Event Marketing

How can event marketing strengthen your business? Events allow you to make powerful and long lasting impressions of your company and what you as a whole can deliver. Event marketing helps cultivate and expand your brand’s identity. You can create an environment where you can engage with customers and let them share their ideas. This will drive demand of your company by generating leads and building strong relationships with your clients and consumers. Our CEO and founder of many successful companies,  Michael Taggart will appear on your behalf to best address your clients needs as well as increase your network. He will create value by sharing his entrepreneurial experience and knowledge with those (more…)

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Our company was founded

May 2010

Broke $1 Million Dollars in Sales

January 2013

Our 5 Year Anniversary

May 2015

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If you are a small business needing Local SEO in Boise ID, then you should hire this company. Very knowledgeable and do good work!

Local Business Rockstar localbusinessrockstar.com

My online store is a rapidly growing start-up and needed to quickly increase traffic to our new website. We hired Adventure Marketing for Idaho Marketing, and they had us on the first page of Google for our main terms within a month! Our traffic increased drastically. Great!!

Jane Audy

SEO in Boise? What these guys at Adventure Marketing know about getting your website ranked and your business found is nothing short of astonishing. Use them!

Matt Gorsuch Acid Test Marketing Services

I have been in the marketing industry for over 30 years. If you want to be found easily online use Simple Press Release. After 8 hours of implementing what I learned, I was already on the first page of Google. My articles ranked the first 6 out of 7 search results all because I followed what I learned from SPR.

John K Arnold JKA Marketing Inc.

I am very happy to give Maps Magic my highest endorsement. Thank you so much for letting me in! This is going to totally change how I think of marketing and take my business to the next level.

Ken Ivey “The Web Czar” midtntechnology.com

Maps Magic provided me with specific tools, tips, and techniques that really do get quick results. I can vouch for the content and training within this service and making money online will become your reality.

John Tanner One Marketing Strategy

As the worlds fastest reader, I have read close to 30,000 books, and many of them are about online marketing. I was blown away by Michael X’s Dark Side Secrets for internet marketing. It was an hour of pure brilliance. Be prepared to be amazed!

Howard Stephen Berg The World's Fastest Reader

These guys are the real deal! Some of the best masterminds I have ever been to. Michael and his team are so helpful and give generously!

Lisa Parziale Lisa P.

Dude, I love your stuff.
I am earning thousands a month because of what you have taught me. U know this, I hope these other guys watching this know that too.

Brian Parnall seowebgeek.co.uk

Dude, I love it, Your Service Kicks Ass!

Daven Michaels 123.Employee.com

” I found out about Press Release Bootcamp, and I gave it a try. The Bootcamp was incredible and complete. The actual results have been truly amazing. On most of our keywords we rank #1, and we rank above the manufacturers of the products we are selling. Within just a day we are ranking on first page of Google. The ranking on all of our listings in search engines have increased to our money site/pages. I can’t put a value on this wonderful training program, but I can assure you it is worth thousands of dollars per month.”

Hayden Hess iplasticsuppyly.com

Michael Rocks! Great training on understanding more about the new Google+ Local changes. Thanks Adventure Marketing!

Michael Conquest Conquest Web Consulting

Hey Michael, I can’t wait to see what you’re doing next. For anyone that has doubts about this being over hyped get over it and get your foot in the door ASAP… In 2010 I paid US$5000 for a few hours of personal coaching with Michael and it’s still the best investment I’ve made online to get my businesses up and running and profitable!

AJ The Martial Arts Guy martialgames4kids.com

I am a consultant for local businesses and was really impressed with the info I learned from Maps Magic. This truly saved me time when optimizing SEO for my clients. All my clients are ecstatic with their rankings and have gained great reviews and an increase in customer engagement. Don’t hesitate purchasing this product!

James Tudsbury Online Product Creator

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