Instant Social Anarchy

As business owners, we crave customer interaction, customer reviews, and positive feedback; truly a strongly recognized brand overall. It is important to integrate interaction with the media and consumers as a part of your strategy. Our CEO was looking for daring and bold tactics that will go beyond typical marketing activities. He took on a […]

Simple Press Release

Due to such success with Maps Magic, our CEO began Simple Press Release in January 2013. Creating relevant content is essential for your business to even get on the radar. Have the ability to increase the buzz for your brand through our press releases. Our well-trained team of writers and editors spread your news nationwide […]

Maps Magic

In 2012, our CEO created a training software that enabled you to skyrocket to the top of search engines. With his training, you could dominate any local market in less than 2 hours. Ranking on the first page of Google is vital for any businesses survival. These methods require no internet marketing experience. His “set […]