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On Page SEO (search engine optimization), allows us to control how the search engines perceive our web pages. To truly understand this you must understand how the search engine builds its indexes. Its really very simple once you understand what is happening in the background.

The search engines use a program commonly called a bot or spider. This program is set to analyze a web page. In the analysis the bot is looking to see what words appear on the page, how often they appear, how they relate to other words on the page, where on the page they appear, if there are links to other pages, what the text of the link says, and on and on. It then takes that information and sends it back to the search engine.

The search engine then takes this data and compares it to all of the other pages that it has collected data about. It then creates an index that categories and ranks them according to keywords and relevance to those keywords, age of the domain, page popularity (incoming links) and a few other criteria that can change over time. This sorting of data is the proprietary “algorithms” that the search engines use to deliver their search results.

So, the big trick to standing out in the search engine is to have an understanding of how the algorithms work and which keywords to target.  Unfortunately, the search engines don’t share their algorithms with the public and they are continually changing and updating those algorithms to keep their listing fresh.  On the upside, we do understand many pieces of the algorithm puzzle.  We know that we need to use our keywords in the right places.  We know we need to build back links from authority sites.  We know that the age of the domain can have some effect.  We also know that adding content on a regular basis helps to boost the rankings of your pages.

If you want to get ahead of the game you need to know these things too or at least have someone working for you that does.  We are constantly testing to find the best and most reliable tactics and passing our knowledge on to our students and clients.  We do the testing so you don’t take risks on your own site.

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