We are AdVenture Marketing.

At AdVenture Marketing, we have helped thousands of businesses & entrepreneurs from startup to established companies to achieve their specific goals. Our agency has helped generate millions of dollars in revenue for ourselves and our clients...and now it is your turn to grow.

  • “Michael is a sharp, heart-centered entrepreneur who has the insight, drive and skills to make his visionary businesses useful and profitable for almost anyone.”
  • “I always appreciate the quality and integrity of Michael’s recommendations…”
  • “I have had the pleasure of following, consuming and benefiting from Michael’s material, courses, insights and work for nearly six years. His expertise in unparalleled. “
  • “Michael is an extremely intelligent and gifted marketer with proven success. I highly recommend.”
  • “Solid Marketing Tactics and Strategies that work. Depth of knowledge and Consistency in execution with consistent results.”
  • “One of the World’s greatest marketing mind I’ve ever had the privilege of learning from, Michael has the ability to train you while you follow and actually see real time results.”
  • “Michael is an incredible resource of knowledge in online marketing, from the effective use of press releases to the exploitation of the true power of YouTube, Google, and other social media properties. He has my highest endorsement!”
  • “Michael has provided excellent insight and produced results in our online marketing campaigns. He made several recommendations that have worked extremely well, and continue to generate results. Most marketing experts don’t seem to know the first thing about actually generating results, and I can assure you that Adventure Marketing really knows what they are doing. “

Who we are.

At AdVenture Marketing, we aim to inspire and enable business professionals to reach their most ambitious goals. Our passionate team creates strategic marketing plans that support business owners vision for how they want to increase their brand awareness and customer reach. We consistently strive keep things simple, yet thorough. Our goal is to enrich and transform our clients businesses by giving them the tools they need to flourish and succeed. Your success is our vision.


The Smart Marketer


The Technical Master


Engaging web design is our forte. From eCommerce to Service providers, we do it all. We have 35+ years experience in web design from eCommerce, professional services, high traffic blogs, affiliate marketing sites, membership sites, and more. Take advantage of our years of experience of successful site deployment and operations.


We build your profitability through strategic funnel creation & business planning. Our team will analyze your specific market, your target demographics, your competition, and your current business strategies. We will craft a strategic business plan to meet your current revenue needs, as well as plan for reaching the goals you have for your business.


Digital Services include full spectrum hosting, site security, website administration & more. We take our clients digital needs seriously, and it shows. Not only do we build beautiful high functioning websites, we securely host and maintain the sites so you can do what you do best.


Our specialized marketing campaigns are customized to your budget & business goals. Our marketing strategies have yielded millions of dollars in sales for our company, and our clients. Your success is our success, and we only play to win.

How we work.

1 You will meet with our sales consultant. They will look at what, if any strategy you currently have and determine which services will benefit you. We will then send you a detailed proposal. Our consultants do not pressure you to make a decision.

2 We send you the basic blueprint to your projects. For example, when purchasing a webpage you will be sent a wireframe for approval which sets the structure to your content. When you are satisfied with your project we will provide a final review. This is your final opportunity to make major changes to your project.

3 Your final stage of the project is its carefully prepped launch. We put everything together and run quality assurance testing. Then we launch. Thrusters engaged. Congratulations, business guru! Now you can celebrate.