Press Advantage VS PR Newswire VS PR Web

PR Newswire VS PR Web VS Press Advantage

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Adventure Marketing analyzed 2 of the leading press release distribution services, against our service: PR Newswire, and PR Web VS Press Advantage.

Which press release distribution service should you go with?  What factors should you take into consideration?  Certainly, costs and quality of the newswire plays a huge role since that would be what ultimately determines your ROI (return on investment).

Here is how the Press Release News distribution services stack up:

PR Newswire calls themselves the “authoritative source” of news and information for media organizations. They boast of having the world’s largest network of getting your news story into credentialed journalists. Having that said, when we looked at some case studies, the press releases got syndicated into an average of 300 media sites and the cost for a single release was $775.

Note that is for just 400 words, it will cost you $195 for each 100 additional words. You must also write and edit these releases yourself (or hire a writer), which also costs you more time and money.

PR Web calls themselves the “world’s most socially shared news release service”. Within our case studies, we found their introductory packages had minimal impact and only have made it to a handful of sites, most of which we’ve never even heard of. Their most effective package seems to be their premium package at $369 which get syndicated into an average of 150 media sites. You must write this release as well.

Press Advantage calls ourselves the “world’s first completely done for you” press release writing and distribution service with incredible cost effective pricing starting at $297 for 3 completely done for you releases, and also boasts a “Do It Yourself” submission engine for those that want to just submit their own written PR.

We’ve conducted case studies testing both of the packages. The standard package at an average cost of only $97 per release was syndicated into an average of 225+ news media sites and their premium release cost at $197 was syndicated into an average of 300+ media sites including Yahoo Finance (which normally costs $297 just on it’s own), significantly outperforming PR Newswire’s $775 single release.

Lastly, we analyzed the quality of the media sites that picked up the press releases, and there was a significant lack in PR Web’s performance.

PR Newswire and Press Advantage, on the other hand, were syndicated to much well-known media sites including ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, CW, Digital Journal, Boston Globe, and Yahoo Finance.

From our analysis, around 80% of the media sites from PR Newswire and Press Advantage are the same websites.

With this in mind, going with Press Advantage is the smartest choice in our books because you get more syndication at a higher quality and at a fraction of the price of PR Web and PR Newswire – 6X less than PR Web and 14X less than PR Newswire…all completely done for you.

Press Advantage will write, submit, edit, syndicate, build a report, and then build backlinks to the syndications Google and the other search engines find.

They are also covered by a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can be assured of the quality, or you get your money back. Neither of the other services offer the done for you solution, and surely not at prices that are actually cost effective for most businesses, small or large.

You can check out discount pricing at Press Advantage for 3 releases per month (credit roll over if unused) for only $247 (instead of the regular $297 pricing):

They ALSO offer an unlimited press release subscription package, email Press Advantage at their support desk for more details.

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